BODYARMOUR® and BASE360® are setting the new standard in hockey for protection and performance.  Play the game without the fear of injury from skate blades.  The game has changed, so should the equipment.

Hockey is a game of finesse, power, speed and agility.  Hockey protection has become smaller and lighter, while players have become stronger and faster.   However, skate blades are one of the single biggest dangers on the ice, a critical fact that current hockey equipment overlooks.  

BASE360 set out to design protective performance apparel  after the witnessing of a traumatic incident whereby the brachial artery of a minor hockey player was accidentally severed (by a skate) leading to severe blood loss, emergency surgery and a year and a half of recovery.  The NHL was not immune to these critical injuries either, as evidenced at the time, by players such as Donald Audette, Alexei Yashin, Bob Boughner, and Brad Norton.  


Realizing there was no equipment available for players that provided protection for the critical areas of the wrist and forearm from laceration, our unique base layer was developed and patented.   The BODYARMOUR and BASE360 line of products incorporate cut resistant protection in light weight base layer shirts and compression pants.   All  products are made with the latest technical fabrics.  KEVLAR® is utilized to provide protection, while moisture management Active Cotton™ provides Next2Skin™ comfort.   Tested by NHLers, BODYARMOUR and BASE360 deliver protection without sacrificing performance.



SIDNEY CROSBY INCIDENT – APRIL 24, 2010 - Game 6 - Stanley Cup Playoffs - Pittsburgh Penguins versus Ottawa Senators